Not only do I love designing books and their covers, I also like to read them. I am always looking for suggestions of good books so I thought I would share what I have been reading lately and maybe you will find something worth picking up when at your local bookstore or buying the next time you are on Amazon.

I don't plan on writing lengthy reviews about each book that I read (you can read those on other websites) but instead I plan on giving you a brief summary and my personal opinion along with my rating of the book. Enjoy!

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned While Editing My Life
by Donald Miller
Category: Memoir, Spirituality (NF)

This is a relatively fast read but there is a lot to chew on in this book so don't read it too fast. Through tragedy, triumph, sadness and happiness, Donald Miller challenges us to create a better story. This book could make you laugh and it might make you cry but it will make you think about your story.

Bicycle Diaries
by David Byrne
Category: Cycling, Travel, Essay (NF)

Do you like to travel? Do you like bikes? Would you like to travel while using a bike as transportation? If so, you might just like this book. This book is full of information about the cities David travels and the issues those places deal with. He talks about art, politics, environments, faith, music, and most importantly the joy of cycling.

Look Both Ways: Illustrated Essays on the Intersection of Life and Design
by Debbie Millman
Category: Design, Essay (NF)

For some reason I just had a hard time connecting with Debbie and her childhood in this book. Maybe my expectations were too high or maybe this is better for a female reader? If you are interested in design, branding, perceptions and life its a good chance you will find something interesting in these illustrated essays.

Open: An Autobiography
by Andre Agassi
Category: Biography, Sports (NF)

So, I don't even like tennis but this book is one I can't put down. This is a well written and inspiring book about the the ups and downs of life. Something everyone can relate to. This book might just be the best book of the year (it is still early)!



• I haven't really been watching much of the Olympics this year. The other night I saw part of what I thought was Disney on Ice but it was really the Olympic Ice Dancing competition. Really? This is what we call sports? It looks more like art to me. Crazy fashion art, not sport!


To be fair, they did add golf and rugby to the summer games but not until 2016.

• I forget how I came to find this website but I love this website design, Designhotels.com. Check it out and if you really feel into it book a stay.

• Last but not least, some words of wisdom.





I would love to have this cap. The maker, OUTLIER, believes that the bicycle is the best form of urban transit for the 21st century and their clothing makes that fact more true. Find out more about them here.

The hoddie below would be awesome too but I am just dreaming at this point. It rings up at $225.

Photo by Björn Wallander



Click on the image to view larger

This is a poster I just completed for Gary Sinise' benefit concert at the Uptown Theater here in KC to provide children with school supplies. Long story short I had to design it twice. More on that later.

Below is the poster with sponsors.



A book cover just sent to print.

This book is not as much about being a volunteer as it is for the nonprofits finding, training, and developing those willing to volunteer.



How cool would it be to design books that included bookmarks in the design? I like these a lot!

Read more about the book design concepts by Icoeye.



Every summer, when I was a child, for two weeks I took a trip with my younger brother to visit both sets of grandparents. The worst part of the trip was the 5 hour car ride, that at the time seemed like an eternity, to get there but when we got there it was well worth it. It was something that was always fun for me but maybe not so much for my brother. The time spent with my grandparents was like a vacation without the parents there to say NO. We could get away with more than when we were at home and the new environment was always exciting and inspiring.

I have many memories from those days. Of course we played outside, inside, upstairs and downstairs but the most remember-able part of the trips was when we spent time sitting on the back porch with my grandpa talking and watching it rain or at the family coal mining business riding in the big equipment. It was the things that I learned from the old lady next door or from my great grandmother's farm that I cherished the most. These things, that if I had been home for the summer at my parents home I would have never experienced.

Now that I am older I wonder what advice and wisdom they would give me or what they would teach or share with me now. When I was younger maybe I was naive and thought older people didn't know anything. As they shared with me their story I quickly learned that they have a lot of knowledge and even more wisdom.

There is a lot to cherish and learn from those that have lived longer than we have and filmmaker and photographer Andrew Zuckerman has captured some of that in his 2008 book inspired by the idea that one of the greatest gifts one generation can pass to another is Wisdom that it has gained from experience.

What can we learn from others? What exactly is wisdom? Zuckerman interviews many people including Frank Gehry, Clint Eastwood, and Dick Bruna (pictured above) to capture their life story, their thoughts and their wisdom.

Below is the trailer.

If I could interview my grandparents now I definitely would. I know their wisdom would be enlightening. There is something great about wisdom and knowledge gained from experience that has the power to inspire and change. There is a lot we can gain from those that have lived a full life. What is something we could gain today from our grandparents or those older than us? What inspires you?

If I had a coffee table this book would definitely be sitting on it. Check out the "making of" this project and more at the books website.

Purchase the book on Amazon.

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